Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Design Like A Pro

The houses are coming up quickly! At this stage, almost every interior product from the Kitchen Sink to the Washer/Dryer has been specified. It is the only way to avoid the dreaded “Change Order”!

We are working on specifying hardware. While in New York over the weekend, I visited several showrooms sampling various products. There is a fine line between a quality product and simply an expensive product. Two of my favorite hardware companies are and Remember to place your dollars in areas that should never need to be “replaced”.

Planning and verifying, again and again… on every detail, that is the key to saving dollars and having a spectacular project. An efficient design team can save you time, and time is one of the many ways we can save you money.

There are many unfortunate stories I hear when a homeowner decides to manage the project to “save money”. Cost overruns, products purchased that don’t fit, sub contractors not showing up, product delays, a “forgotten” permit when needed, a paint color that isn’t what you expected….it goes on and on.

Before you make the decision to build, remodel or install a new kitchen/bath, it is important to consult with a professional. Most designers, architects and general contractors offer complimentary consultations. If you decide to do a “self managed project”, here are a few things to remember:

  • Begin from the bottom up – start with the foundation of the project. Know everything BEFORE you begin. Don’t make assumptions.
  • If you are decorating, begin with flooring, paint and lighting – lighting is extremely important! You are building a foundation for style.
  • Do not impulse-buy products because they are on sale. If they don’t fit, you have wasted time and money attempting to put a square peg in a round hole.
  • Know your options before you make a decision. Not every salesperson is trained in the product they sell. Take the time to do your research.
  • Review space plans for your project. There are several free “self help” sights from painting stores (my favorite is Benjamin Moore) to full design programs . You must be willing to do the work!
  • And most importantly, do not be afraid to ask for help :-)

Next week – We will talk about kitchens!!


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