Thursday, October 23, 2014

1930's Home Restoration & Design - Project update #2

So here is the project: A main house built in 1936 and a separate "servants' quarters" built in 1933.

Fully renovated in 1974 and meticulously maintained for 40 years with little or no change. Harvest gold cabinetry, Partridge Family linoleum, and Laura Ashley wallpaper intact.

Because there are two houses on the property, it is grandfathered into the neighborhood as a duplex. The main house has been subdivided (presumably illegally, taking advantage of the "duplex" designation) into two apartments.

A sheet of 1/8" ply has been nailed over the door frame separating the second bedroom from the rest of the house. On that side, there is a separate entrance from the side porch, a second kitchen and a bathroom so tiny that the vanity is hinged to flip down for access to the toilet. The former owner of the house was a pilot so we assume this is homage to the MD-80 he must have flown. Horrifying.

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