Monday, August 29, 2011

The Custom Built Home

You find the perfect section of land. You imagine a structure of concrete and steel, glass walls and stucco. The pool glistens as you look out your window, this art form that will become a dwelling. Your own custom home built to accomodate your lifestyle...and so it begins.

For two homes currently under construction by our teams on Siesta Key, the land began as a residential lot in the Siesta Key Village. The lot was divided into two conforming sizes to allow for best use of space by building two single family custom homes. Both are private residences. Both have in-ground pools elevated to first floor level. Store front windows were specified in one home, a Nana door system in the other. Both designed to capture the beautiful outdoors. I love windows. No doubt I could survive in a glass house. Although the use of passive solar design is helpful, the most daunting of moments in our designs are when I realize I will be forced to cover some of those windows!
Our teams of professionals understand that details are imperative to complete a structure that we admire and live in comfortably.
Meet Tom, the most important person on the job!! (We can't tell the architect or the GC that little bit of info). He is weathering the weather because we don't have room for a job site trailer. Tom catches all of our little mistakes and corrects them. He is the best!!!!

The interiors are designed and space planned. And the kitchens, well just wait until you see those designs and products. They rock!!

Over the next weeks we will tell you what products we are using and why they were chosen. We will update you with floor plans and elevations. You will experience the textures and colors of these new homes and hopefully get caught up in the excitement of creating spaces.

Questions and input are always welcome. Of course you can always do a drive-by for 316 and 320 Calle Miramar. So stay tuned as we walk you through the excitement of building custom residential homes within a block of the Number One Beach in America - Siesta Key!!


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