Sunday, April 17, 2011

Who "Did" your walls?


So, who did your walls? Sherwin did mine! and Benjamin helped out too. But, I plan on making a change and letting the "other" guys help me this design go-around. Yes, I am talking about wallpaper. I know, most of you think of the horrid paper of the latter days, with random shapes of varied colors with little designs going every which way. Or maybe your basic complementary color stripes with little pineapples running vertically throughout the paper. Nope! Wallpaper is so now! And your are probably thinking, in Florida? Yes, even in Florida. What doesn't get a little crazy with all of our moisture. There are so many wonderful textures! Yes, we can take the time to smooth our walls and add the correct kind of texture. Who isn't tired of our knock down. I know I am! Wall coverings add so much dimension, style and drama to a space. Think of small spaces that you may not have enough room to really display the right kind of art or accessories, add some wallpaper and you're done. Helps to save on the budget too. Guys, think of all the time saved from having to visit the boutiques to find that "perfect" accessory. Girls, think of it as the perfect dress for any occasion in that space. Now, go find the room in your home that you would like us to DO!

Masculine Stripe Power

Sophisticated Elegance

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