Monday, October 10, 2011

The A+ Team

The team began with three small businesses. Working together with Mark Smith and Dan Gerdes is unique in that we all have the understanding of good design and proper execution to move the project forward. The beginning of the A+Team.

Tom's New Office in the garage of 316 Calle Miramar
He really needs a nice rug and lamp, don't you think??

And here is Tom. He is the reason we will have two new homes under roof in 4 months! Tom has an easy smile and everyone likes him. However, I think if you tell Tom you are going to do something and don't do it - at the time you say you will do it - Well, I know I would personally not want to be on or below his B list!

The owners of 316 Calle Miramar arrived in Siesta Key today. They were able to walk into their home and begin to see what the views will be and how the space will feel.

The Nana Door System is going to be amazing. Where Tom's old office was - under the tent - that is going to be a pool soon!! And those large windows - well that is the doorway to sitting in that pool with a cold drink!

It is beginning to look a lot like a house!! And it is so exciting! I met with Jack Busby of Busby Cabinets last week - they will begin production on our cabinetry soon. Everything is about the quality and details for them. As you all know space is what I love, and efficiency is so important. Busby Cabinets manufacturer within 1/8 of an inch for my designs. And they are locally built in Florida!

Tile has been ordered from Walker Zanger in Estero. I am working with Ed and Drew. They are helpful and always on top of it, I never worry about their follow through.

The plumbing fixtures for 320 Calle Miramar are Lacava.

Wait until you see the tower vessel sink for the powder room and tub filler for the master bath. Plumbing fixtures are sexy!! I am using the Kubista Series. And I have been priviledged to work with Rich and Kelly at Richlin Interiors. They have a great company!

See the holes in the wall? These are the speakers for the Living Room entertainment center. Because of planning, there will be no wires, no cabinets and speakers will be recessed and transparent. These things are only a touch of reality and what happens everyday.

So when I say we have an A+ Team on this project - I can assure you there is nothing that can't be accomplished with the best of the best!!!! Thanks Team!!

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