Sunday, December 18, 2011

Colors of Siesta Key

The eclectic styles and array of colors for our private residences and various condominiums contribute to Siesta Key’s charming appeal. Although there are only a few codes or rules that monitor color choices on private homes, should personal preference be your only consideration?

Home owners use different approaches when choosing colors for the exteriors of their homes. Mr. Hani Rihan chose to paint his home after purchasing in 2004. He went to the selections of Lowes Color Palettes and chose a suggested combination that he felt enhanced his home, landscaping and surrounding neighborhood. “I thought it was going to be ugly”, was Mr. Rihan’s first comment when he began painting. However after his completion, he appreciates the enhancement the colors have made in identifying the different architectural features.

The controversy will always be personal preference of you and your neighbor when painting exteriors. Interior colors are your own personal space, neighborhoods are shared.

So often we believe neutral is best, that it is risk free. However the beauty of color is appreciated by all. Well, maybe except for the neighbor who does not like color!

The houses have come a long way. The interior framing is completed, wires are being pulled... And now we are painting exteriors. It isn't easy attempting to tie in color with the neighborhood and still make the color palatable. So more often than not, I will blend with the colors of nature in the area.

Architecture is a beautiful element of design. There are times when architecture needs nothing more than the brilliance of sunlight or the casts from colors of natural surroundings.

Before you enhance your home with color, take all aspects of architecture and design into consideration. If you choose not to consult with a professional, it is simple to access information online. There is a plethora of websites with good advice available.

Three key points to remember:
· Focus on a combination of 2-3 colors that enhance your architecture
· Light colors add size, dark colors create drama
· Borrow from the nature that created one of the most beautiful places in the world!

Happy Holidays!!!

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